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GPS Tracking Course

Learn about all state and federal laws concerning GPS deployment, to include Jones and all applicable policies that have resulted due to Jones.  Learn how to prepare, install and live track suspect vehicles and obtain historical movement data.  Best part,  you get to keep the GPS device you were issued in class!

See course description for more details. 

UAS Technology for Law Enforcement

This class will assist you with writing the waivers and COA's that are needed to fly a UAS at night, over people, and in emergency situations.  Our master trainer has logged over 1,000 UAS LEO flight hours. We will also assist you with writing a DOJ grant that will qualify you for a free UAS. 

Dates TBD

Free 1-day Covert Electronic Surveillance Course

This class will be posted this summer.  


Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

Scheduled for October 7-9, 2019.  This class is FREE for the first 10 registered attendees who are members of the RRCJA.  The Federal Government is sponsoring 2 additional attendees who are not members of the RRCJA.   Additionally,  other operators can attend at the regular rate of 250.00. 

Federal Contract Award

ESTC was recently awarded a Federal contract to teach Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Law Enforcement the art of surveillance.  Our classes have been full, and thanks to you, we have received many accolades.  We look forward to  seeing you in the fall. 

Advanced Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

This is a new course that was designed by a federal counterpart.   This class will build on the basic course and will include trips to Richmond, DC, and all areas in between.  This will be a fast paced and exciting course. 

GPS Tracking Course

Global Positioning Satellite Tracker Training

This class came about as a request from a Federal client.  Since Jones, a lot of people are unsure on how to comply with the Federal and State legislation, and we found that to be bothersome. 

Many agencies buy equipment and throw it in the hands of their detectives......and provide them with little to no training.  Then at some point, those same Detectives are expected to deploy it and testify to its unique capabilities while under oath.......and that is the primary reason for this course, to protect you!    

This course was designed for a Federal/Military client, and since it was such a huge success, we decided to design it for Federal, State, and Local law enforcement officer.  

On day one, each student will be issued a high quality vehicle/magnet mounted GPS device, battery pack, charger, software, and fully loaded SIM card with data, good for 1 year of unlimited tracking.  Each tracker is about the size of a smaller Iphone 5, and can easily be hidden 

  This class will teach the participant the following:

1. How GPS satellite technology works (for court testimony)

2. How to select a GPS device. (CDMA V. GSM) also selecting a GUI interface. 

3. How to plan a GPS deployment. 

4. How to write a search warrant and court order to install a GPS device

5. How to hide a GPS on a vehicle using real time data and OSI data. 

6. How to maintain a GPS

7. How to live track and recover the GPS device

This class is involves little classroom and is 90% hands on.  

On day one, each student will be issued a high quality vehicle/magnet mounted GPS device, battery pack, charger, software, and fully loaded SIM card with data, good for 1 year of unlimited tracking. Each student can keep their issued tracker for real life deployments.   Each tracker is about the size of a smaller Iphone 5, and can easily be hidden in any vehicle.  

Tuition for this class is $500.00 and will be held in the fall of 2019 at our Fredericksburg location.  


2019 Training Overview


Physical Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Course


  • Training Dates:   October 7-9, 2019. 
  • Held at our training facility in Fredericksburg, Va. 

Our Physical surveillance and counter surveillance course consist of one day of classroom and two days of practical surveillance in a real-world environment.

The classroom portion consists of:

  • The legal aspects of physical surveillance, (which satisfies the DCJS requirements for in-service).
  • How to properly conduct surveillance
  • How to identify counter surveillance
  • How to eliminate counter surveillance
  • How to create and maintain the “box”
  • How to adapt to any environment
  • Operator selection
  • How to write an Operations plan
  • How to pre-plan your operations
  • How to use OSI assets to help you plan for your mission
  • How to counter aggressive target evasion
  • How to pick way-points and fulcrums to eliminate the possibility of losing your target
  • Legal requirements and privacy issues with traditional surveillance

Day two is the first portion of the practical operations; these exercises are conducted in the field where they can incorporate their classroom education in real world scenarios. This is accomplished by using role players who are trained in surveillance detection.  The role players start off easy, which is designed for the novice surveillance team, so they can establish communications and practice what they have learned in the classroom.  As the role-playing continues, the role players will begin to deploy tactics to try to confuse the surveillance teams.  The role players will then, without notice, switch to an urban (foot) role.  This forces the students to quickly leave their vehicles and employ other, more conventional methods of surveillance.  As the day goes on, the surveillance operation gets increasingly difficult.

Day three is the final exercise and examination portion of the surveillance course.   Students may/will have to surveil multiple targets and at some point, counter surveillance will be deployed and will follow the students.  The counter surveillance operators will be in teams and will be comprised of male and female operators.

The counter surveillance teams will be in constant contact with the surveillance target and will occasionally leave the area only to reappear at another location.  They do this to minimize detection and to ensure the students are properly employing the techniques taught in the classroom.

A daily debriefing will be conducted in the classroom and positive feedback will be provided.  Constructive criticism will also be provided in order to reinforce classroom instruction.

The course is concluded when the students can:

1. Identify their target

2. Follow their target(s) without being compromised

3. Not lose the target

4. Identify the counter surveillance team

Tuition $250.00 per student


NEW COURSE! Advanced Physical Surveillance and Counter Surveillance course. Including GPS tracking

Advanced Physical Surveillance and Counter Surveillance And GPS (TTL) operations.


For those who have previously attended the ESTC physical surveillance or similar surveillance course can attend. 

This course is designed for Police Officers, Detectives, Special Agents, Private Investigators, and Military Personnel who conduct physical surveillance operations who have previously attended the ESTC level one surveillance class or similar course of instruction. Each student will receive a Free GPS tracker, valued at 2,100.00. 

This 3-day, 24-hour course, will teach the participant on how to properly conduct more complex physical surveillance operations in hostile environments, to include:

· Large malls

· Metro buses and trains

· Night operations

· Multiple targets

· Aggressive countermeasures’ and counter surveillance operations

· Conduct motor route security and selection and install and operate GPS units. 

* Gps tracking basics and installation practicals. 

By utilizing the techniques shown, the participant will learn in a practical setting:

* Learn how to properly surveil a person and groups of people by employing fundamental  

   principles and theories of physical surveillance 

* Route Analysis, Route Selection, and Route Security

* Casing and Counter Surveillance Detection

* TPMS (vehicle Bluetooth) exploitation (how a suspect can 

legally track you by exploiting your vehicles footprint)

* Surveillance trade craft

* Observation & Reporting

* Conducting Surveillance in an Urban and rural environment

* Surveillance operations/Surveillance stakeouts during hours of limited visibility (night operations)

* How to establish protocols and procedures when managing a surveillance operation

* How to plan both small and large-scale surveillance operations

* Learn how to conduct surveillance and identify counter surveillance threats (foot and vehicle) 

* Learn how to use natural surroundings in order to blend in

* Learn how to “tag” a vehicle and paint a target at night

* Employ disguises and role-play

* Detect counter surveillance operatives. 

* Students will follow targets on foot, vehicle, and in some cases, public transportation. 

*  Follow aggressive targets, obtain photos, and obtain physical evidence.

* install a GPS device, testify in court proceeding to GPS technology while being compliant with Jones V US. 

*Note. Students will Receive a GPS device to use while in training.  The Gps will be active and each student will get to keep the Gps at the conclusion of the training. 

Students will begin with daytime surveillance. They will be expected to 

communicate with fellow team members, keep detailed notes, take photos and  

communicate with other surveillance operatives in the field.

Tuition $ 500.00

4-day Basic Covert Electronic Surveillance Training Program.

Covert Electronic and Technical Surveillance for Law Enforcement and Military  Personnel

Training Dates: 2020 dates to be listed soon.

This is a forty-hour course that will teach the participant how to gather the intelligence and evidence needed for criminal prosecution or internal investigation through the use of covert electronic surveillance methods.  This course is specifically designed for the professional criminal or narcotics investigator at any skill level of expertise.

This is a fast paced and challenging course that will teach the participants the following:

  • Basic electronics
  • Covert microphones and audio intercepts
  • Reconnaissance and covert site surveys
  • Covert video installations
  • Body wire installation (both video and audio)
  • Batteries and power supplies (including fabrication of power supplies)
  • Night vision
  • GPS tracking and the necessary pre-deployment intelligence needed for successful install. 
  • Clandestine video deployment, counter-surveillance, countermeasures
  • Antenna placement and location
  • Field repairs and troubleshooting
  • Dual strand video/power cable fabrication
  • Battery pack fabrication
  • Power distribution equations
  • Legal Aspects involving Covert Electronic Surveillance
  • Fabrication of covert devices
  • Basic soldering
  • Field repairs
  • Microwave Vs. Digital wireless video
  • Cell based video transmission

Additionally, students will cover State and Federal laws that govern the use and deployment of the various types of surveillance equipment as well as related case law and legal issues.

In order to successfully complete the course, students will be expected to fabricate a covert video concealment device, deploy it, and produce an evidentiary digital copy for submission/review.  Students will be allowed to keep their concealment device!


Tuition is $500.00 per student that includes tuition, study guide and class book.  


$750.00 which includes tuition, two cameras (one I/R Camera and one covert camera), study guide, text booklet, microphone, battery pack, cable, tool kit, a complete technical investigators portable master tool kit, auto–ranging digital multi-meter, power pack, video cables, and video concealment device.  Each advanced kit retails for over $600.00 alone. 

Please inform us which tuition option you wish when enrolling. 

Once equipment is ordered, no refunds will be given.  Credit for future classes or alternate personnel will be granted for this class or for future courses.  

Advanced Covert Electronic Surveillance Course

 Advanced Covert Electronic Surveillance Course 

Training Dates:  2020 dates  TBD

This 3-day course will build upon the basic covert electronics course.

The first day will explain the methods and principals behind cellular technology, tower infrastructure, obtaining emergency “ping” requests, and how cellular tracking works.  We will also have a discussion forum on recent advances in technology as it relates to covert surveillance and discuss student’s successes using their covert installs.  Students are encouraged to bring in their previously made enclosures and time will be allocated to updating/repairing their enclosures, if needed and each student will be given a digital covert recorder for their enclosure.

Day two will primarily focus on GPS technology and the recent United States Supreme Court Decision, US V. Jones.   We will cover, in detail, the steps needed to obtain a GPS court order.  We will cover the recent Supreme Court decision in its entirety, discuss the probable cause requirements, explain how to write the order, and hand out examples on disk for the students to keep.  The students will practice mock installs and perform live tracking on vehicles.  They will testify in mock trials and learn how to best testify in Court without exposing their “tracking methods”. We anticipate having vendors onsite, so students can get exposed to the newest GPS units, covert camera kits, and other covert items.

Day three will discuss inexpensive ways to stream video over the Internet. We will also discuss video encoding using MPEG and other common compression methods. We will explain the differences between the most common video compression methods and discuss compression testimony issues regarding best evidence, compression and actual depictions of the crime to include issues with enhancement.

This class is fast paced and will be a well-balanced blend of lecture (60%) and hands-on (40%).  This class will give the student the foundation needed to survive rigorous cross-examination.

Covert Neutralization of Locks (Lock Picking for Law Enforcement)


Training Dates: 

 To attend, please send an email to training@estctraining.com for details. 

This fast paced, hands-on, 40-hour course will teach the participant how to defeat commonly encountered locks, to include:

  • Residential door locks

  • Dead bolts

  • Wafer locks

  • Desk locks

  • Filing cabinet locks

  • Brief cases

  • Padlocks

  • Hotel Room Locks

  • Hotel “burglar anti entry” bar locks

  • Commercial door lever locks
  • Auto locks

  • And much more 

This course is designed for SWAT operators, Military operators, and the street patrol officer.  This course is primarily “hands on” and involves little lecture.

All participants will learn how to defeat most of the common locking devices.

Each student will be given a professional lock picking set, padlock shims, plug spinner, graphite, shims, hotel bar tool, under the door commercial door opener, and much more.

Tuition for this course is $700.00.  Students will take home a covert entry tool kit.

Upon Graduation, students will be able to defeat common encountered locks.

This course will grant 4 hours of legal credit, and elective credits toward DCJS in-service.

Please direct any questions to Training@estctraining.com 


Free 1-day Basic Covert Electronic Surveillance Program.

This free course is available for the first 25-member agency attendees of the RRCJA. Non-member agencies will have to pay the pre-negotiated rate.   All attendees get a free covert camera, microphone, battery pack and battery supply for attending.  

2020 dates TBD 

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