"80% of the population does the right  thing, 19% does not.  We are that 1% and we will give you the skills and  tools necessary to succeed" Unlike  the police, who has bi-annual in-service every two years, criminals  interact daily and share techniques...shouldn't you do the same?   Our  training classes are like no other.  We incorporate lecture, hands on,  and practical activities into our training classes.  By doing all three,  you have a 100% chance of retaining and incorporating the lessons  taught.   If you dont  reside in the DC Metro area, or cannot travel to the DC area, contact us  and we can bring our training program to your agency.  Our mission is simple, to provide excellent training to those operators who defend our Homeland.  Either overseas or in our backyard.  THIS IS A SERIOUS GAME OF CAT AND MOUSE.  
ABOUT US: ESTC  is a training firm that was founded in 2006.  The primary purpose was  to serve as a more “centrally located” electronic surveillance training  organization that was closer to the DC metropolitan area.   As you are  aware, at that time, the only other Technical Surveillance training  companies, other than the Federal “Schoolhouse” were in Florida and  Texas, respectfully.   Therefore, we were created to simply fill a  void.  We wanted to give local and state law enforcement officers an  opportunity to learn how to conduct surveillance and electronic  surveillance at a location that was closer to home without having to  send their personnel to Florida, which depleted their training budgets.  Since  then, we have employed several new trainers who have various  backgrounds that seemed to fit the demands of our clients.  This allowed  us to offer new training opportunities and we were able to expand  beyond the traditional electronic surveillance-training regime.   


  • Basic Surveillance and Counter Surveillance​  
  • Advanced Electronic Surveillance
  • Covert Electronic Surveillance  
  • Video over Internet Protocol (Pole cameras)  
  • Explosive Threat Mitigation  
  • Protectee Motorcade Route Security, (MCRS)  
  • School based Active Shooter Threat Midigation course using the REACT method of school safety  
  • Covert Lock Bypass (Lock Picking) for Operators.   

We  have trained literally thousands of Local, State, and Federal Agents,  to include military, SOCOM, JSOC, and MARSOC operators.