Instructor Cadre

Our Instructors:

Below is a snapshot of our instructors that teach for ESTC.


Matt has been in Law Enforcement for 22 years. For the past 15 years, he has worked in an undercover capacity specializing in surveillance and counter surveillance.

Previously, he worked for a Federal Law Enforcement Agency, where he was responsible for the physical security of high level Executive protectees where he performed numerous motorcade route sweeps during his tenure.

Matt is also a specialist in active shooting incidents, specifically school shooting threat mitigation.  He has studied and taught school administrators in the art of ALICE school shooting response and is the creator of the REACT school shooting response program.

Matt is a Research Fellow for the US Department of Homeland Security where he serves as a Subject Matter Expert for the DHS office of electronic surveillance, Law enforcement technology board.  Matt tests and evaluates items related to surveillance and technical surveillance for federal law enforcement.

Matt is also an adjunct instructor for a Federal Contractor that teaches Surveillance and Counter Surveillance to Military and DoD Personnel.  He is also an Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice Studies at a local University.

He presently holds a Top Secret/SCI/Y.W. Security Clearance.


Marc is a certified UAS (Drone) pilot who has flown over 1,000 hours of Drone operations for a local law enforcement agency.  Marc previously worked with the USSS on Drone tracking and minimization.  


Thomas was a Federal contractor with Blackwater before switching gears and working with the US Department of State. While at State, Thomas quickly rose through the ranks, starting in Foreign Missions and eventually ending as a supervisor.  Thomas ended his career as a trainer and now brings a wealth of knowledge to ESTC.  Thomas specializes in security, movements, MCRS, and GPRS data mining and collection.