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Corporate security Intel course September 23-27.  Email for details. 

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Covert Electronic Surveillance Training for Military and Law Enforcement.  Countermeasure and counter intelligence investigations. Corporate espionage countermeasures and insider threat mitigation. 

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Please visit our new 2019-2020 training calendar for updates. 

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"By far the best course I have taken."

" I closed three unsolved cases."

"Their attention to detail is superb."

New 2019 Training schedule


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3630 Lee Hill Drive Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408  (540) 371-2875

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

First and foremost, we are very concerned with the privacy of each and  every citizen.   Everything we teach is legal, ethical, and complies with State, Local, and Federal laws.  Our company does not install covert devices for citizens or for law enforcement agencies.  We are the ONLY Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services certified training firm that teaches personnel about the art of covert surveillance and electronic surveillance methods.

We include several hours of  lecture that focuses on the Fourth Amendment, privacy laws, and when a court order or search warrant may be needed.  We are the only surveillance  firm that has had its training agenda reviewed and approved by a retired  DOJ Civil Rights Attorney who is employed by the ACLU. Additionally,  one of our Instructors is a current Civil Rights Judge who reviews and  approves each lesson plan to ensure everything we teach is legal and  ethical. We are also the only Virginia based training firm that is bonded, insured, and certified to award DCJS in-service credit hours.  

That being said, we believe, "Bad cases create bad  case law" and "one illegal intercept will spoil an apple that will  eventually spoil the entire bunch".  Nothing taught is illegal,  unethical, or bias based.  We do not teach how to hack into computers or  anything that could be considered computer or electronic trespass.  

Our commitment to results:  When we work with you, we ensure you receive the best training available. We provide each student with the newest and best equipment for you to train with. 

Further, the equipment you receive at the end of the course is second to none. Our instructors not only provide you with instruction, but also equip you with numerous technical tools, cameras, and other items that will make you successful.   Simply put, our success is measured by your success. We take this very seriously and that's why we invest whatever resources are needed to make you successful.

Our experience:

All of our instructors have either worked for, or presently work for State and Federal law enforcement agencies. Additionally, some of our instructors presently have Security Clearances and some possess TS/SCI clearances with lifestyle polygraph.

2019-2020 Training CalendarAt a glance


September 23-27. TSCM for private corporate security professionals. $3,000.00. Register by 9/1/19.  Sold out. 

October 7-9, 2019     Basic Surveillance and Counter Surveillance (physical   surveillance) for law enforcement. 


Response to barricaded incidents

Advanced physical Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

GPS Installation Course

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